A conservation initiative that campaigns and works for the creation of Marine & Nature Reserves on and around remote and polar islands.

Most of the polar and remote islands have an endemic wildlife and marine life. These islands are often key elements for maintaining the planet’s equilibrium, playing an important role in supporting the earth’s ecosystems. Some islands are important feeding grounds, others are crucial breeding grounds and most have an endemic wildlife and marine life population that demands to be protected. Recent discoveries have found out that places like the sub-antarctic island of South Georgia have more biodiversity than the Galapagos.

As the climate is changing and maritime technology is improving the reach for cargo navigation and fishing capacity, the polar oceans are now seeing an increase in traffic and fisheries. These oceans are known to be some of the most productive and crucial for the global supply of fish. More fish live along the edges of the Arctic Ocean than anywhere else on earth. It is of utmost importance to highlight the necessity to protect and regulate these regions.


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