Posted in March 2012

The need for a new story

Last week in London, I had the privilege of meeting the theologian Martin Palmer. It was one of those encounters when after two hours, we obliged ourselves to continue another time, most likely over dinner, because this discussion could go on for many hours more. Both of us strongly believe that there is something crucial … Continue reading

The destructive nature of subsidies and tax breaks

“Subsidies are prima facie evidence that consumers would not buy the product at its market price. They distort markets, compromising economic growth, breed corruption and undermine social welfare by foisting inferior or over-priced goods onto the market” Kenneth P. Green Cities and markets have historically been created under pragmatic realities. Towns, villages, or any other … Continue reading

Climate change: a pointless debate

Disclaimer: For the record, I am not, nor is the Extreme & Polar Islands Conservation bureau, financed by any  energy company, oil company, any other corporation, or even conservation organizations. I do believe in the global increase of temperatures and the catalyzing effect human’s society has had on this process. In a recent article, Business: … Continue reading